Welcome to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Cheesemakers in Wisconsin produce over 600 varieties,
types and styles of cheese. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
created the Cheesecyclopedia® Self-Study Course to provide
practical information about how to profit from your investment
in these cheeses.

The knowledge you acquire through this course will help you
begin to become more proficient in working with cheese.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the process of cheese from pasture to plate 
    on a basic level.
  2. Identify individual cheese categories, based on hardness and/or make process.
  3. Follow proper guidelines for storing and handling cheese.
  4. Understand the common denominators within cheese categories as they affect cold and hot performance.
  5. Utilize knowledge of cheese for profitable menuing and merchandising.

Always Evaluate and Taste

Your opinion counts, after all it is "your" opinion! Understanding cheese begins with you. Use your senses; taste, smell, sight and touch. Repeatedly using your senses will allow you to build up your ability to fairly evaluate product.


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